[ Beverage Recipe ] Nuka Cola Full Line

I’ve been wanting to go through this since Nuka World came out for Fallout 4 but I feel I should probably rewind a little: Nuka Cola is to the Fallout franchise of video games as Coca-Cola is to us in real life. You may have noticed that I’ve posted recipes for Nuka Cola Quantum and Nuka Cola Cherry in the past; up until the Nuka World DLC for Fallout 4 had been released, there hadn’t been much deviation from those staples, alongside regular Nuka Cola. Now, it would seem that Bethesda has expanded upon the full line of Nuka Cola products. Since I’ve already made recipes that I stand by for Quantum and Cherry, I won’t be repeating those here but I will be making recipes for all those remaining in the catalog. As always, please note that you are to make these at your own risk and I am not liable for what happens with the unreasonable and indulgent consumption of these drinks. All recipes are divided into parts so you can make the quantities you want.

Nuka Cola Dark

download (2)

This one was actually kind of a hard choice to make in terms of how I was going to make this one because I could have went with a modern take on the drink by making a café friendly style of drink like Coca-Cola BlāK or create something that was a little more accurate to the Fallout franchise and feel of the world it takes place in. What ended up being easier, at the end of the day, was the latter, so I decided to run with that.

  • 10 parts Coca-Cola Classic or Equivalent
  • 4 parts Hennessy Black Cognac
  • 2 parts raspberry syrup
  • 1 part caramel syrup

What we’re looking for here is a potent alcoholic beverage that is equal parts sweet and alcoholic. What I was looking to do was accomplish the kind of Nuka Cola corporate mentality while still giving it a classy “Rat Pack” kind of approach.

Nuka Cola Orange

This one was actually relatively easy to promote as this is the equivalent of Orange Crush or something but as the pop had this remarkable ability to allow the drinker to resist radiation poisoning for a time, I wanted to give this one a distinct “feel good” feeling.

  • 5 parts Orange Crush soda
  • 5 parts Neuro Sleep sleep enhancement drink
  • 2 parts Marley Beverage Co. Mellow Mood Peach Raspberry Black Tea

What we’re looking for is a sweet drink that is distinctively orange that has ingredients in it that clearly assist with generally good feelings without making one drowsy.

Nuka Cola ClearNuka_Cola_Clear_Posssible

This one was kind of fun; with the recent re-release of Crystal Pepsi, I was able to formulate this recipe and get exactly what I was looking to get out of it: a version of the drink that would seem to be to be super accurate to what you’d find in the game, in my mind.

  • 5 parts Crystal Pepsi or Sprite or equivalent 
  • 5 parts POW Energy Water Citrus and Zest
  • Additional lemon zest and/or flavoring to taste

Nuka Cola Victory1564738-ncvigjpg

This one was equally fun but seeing as there’s not much known about the soda other than the fact that it has a glow similar to Quantum – but orange, of course – I decided to create an equivalent to Quantum that had orange flavored equivalent drinks in it.

  • 5 parts Orange Crush or equivalent orange soda
  • 3 parts Gatorade Recover Orange
  • 2 parts Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise

What you’re getting here is the same kind of caffeine jolt and color intensity of Quantum but with orange flavored drinks.

Nuka Cola Quartz


This one’s pretty basic, this time around. Pretty much taking the same recipe behind Clear and giving it a little cloudiness and an additional jolt of energy.

  • 5 parts Crystal Pepsi or Sprite or equivalent 
  • 5 parts POW Energy Water Citrus and Zest
  • 2 parts Monster Energy Ultra White

Nuka Cola Wild


This one was fun, too, as it reminded me of a drink that I’d practically forgotten about but was, ultimately, an awesome fit for this drink that’s supposed to be a root beer with a bite to it that was supposed to compete with other drinks like it at the time.

  • 5 parts Barq’s Root Beer
  • 5 parts Bawls Brand Root Beer

Nuka Cola Grape


This one was a bit difficult as there wasn’t a ton of overtly grape flavored sodas and I didn’t want to settle strictly for a Grape Crush stand-in for the drink so I decided to make it a little more berry-infused.

  • 5 parts Grape Crush soda
  • 3 parts Neuro Bliss mood enhancement drink
  • 1 part Welch’s Dragon Fruit Mango Fruit Juice
  • 1 part Sambazon Acai Berry Juice

What you have here is a cocktail that’s less grape and more of a nutrient dense berry juice that happens to have a very large grape flavor; the same ideal from Nuka Cola Orange is what I was going for, here, but the good feelings would come more from the nutrients present in a drink like this.



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