[ Starbucks Recipe ] Raspberry Black Tea

I was in Starbucks tonight and since the weather here has been this weird in-between spring and winter kind of cold, with a lot of humidity, I was hard pressed to decide on what kind of drink I wanted: hot or cold. I finally settled on a hot drink and I found myself in a bit of a fix: I don’t like a lot of the hot drinks Starbucks has to offer and I’ve been so out of touch with creating there since I’ve usually been getting my Raspberry Black Iced Tea Lemonade that I posted before about so I was stuck with the only though process I could conjure up at the time… how could I create the drink I usually get but hot? While I wasn’t about to ask them to make the same drink and just heat it up, my idea was probably just as weird to the baristas as it garnered a few odd looks, regardless.

What I settled on was a grande double bag black tea with raspberry sweetener. For that size they probably only used one pump but I’m sure it could be adjusted based on which size of drink you got. This one is fairly simple but it’s rather delicate: too much sweetener and you risk it being too sweet and missing all the tea and if you use too many bags for the size of your drink, you end up with it being too strong. This is one of those where you would need to try it the way I’ve discussed it and see how you like it first before trying to mess with the recipe too much.

It’s fairly simple but the smell is amazing – if I could put that into a candle, I would literally buy twenty of them – and the taste is a nice mix of sweet a bitter that is good enough to put a smile on just about anyone’s face.


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