[ Starbucks Recipe ] Raspberry Black Iced Tea Lemonade

Starting something new has always kind of been my thing – searching for the new and imaginative and, where there wasn’t something like that, I would search for ways to create – and since I’m one of the guys who just doesn’t get Starbucks and why everyone loves what they have to offer so much, I took it upon myself to always challenge the baristas to create something new every time I’m feeling up to something different.

One of my regular staples there is something you will never see on a menu in the way you see it here but I promise you that, if you’re like me, you’ll love this to death. As you might guess, this is a cold drink that takes the regular menu item “Iced Tea Lemonade” and puts a different spin on it. You see, I love black tea to death, it just feels so much better to drink it and it has a much better taste to it than orange pekoe and other tea staples, and Starbucks is one of the few places, thanks to their acquisition of Teavana, where you can get plain black tea without it being some kind of fruity breakfast blend with all kinds of fruit and stuff. What this does is this puts a slightly more bitter taste into the tea part of the drink and then the next part, replacing the classic sweetener with your preference of number of pumps for raspberry sweetener, sweetens the drink up and gives the drink a definite “Brisk” brand taste to it. It feels like the perfect balance of bitter and sweet and it’s hard to find that in many drinks today, especially at Starbucks.

If you’re ordering this drink, what you’re going to want to say to the barista is one of the two following statements, one of the two causes the least amount of confusion:

  • “Can I get a black iced tea lemonade with raspberry sweetener as opposed to classic sweetener, please?”
  • “Can I get an iced tea lemonade made with black tea and replace the classic sweetener with raspberry, please?”

The only confusion I’ve ever had in ordering in this way is that they may ask you how much raspberry you want in the drink and I believe they typically put in two full pumps of the classic sweetener in a regular iced tea lemonade but I’ve also tried it different ways and it’s still good so I say you find what works for you, in that circumstance.

Trust me when I say that this drink is the perfect summertime and springtime drink for those of you fed up with the typical offerings from Starbucks.


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