[ Beverage Recipe ] Nuka Cola Quantum

I’ve been at it for a while and I had posted general recipes – like the image I posted to Twitter as seen at the bottom of this post –  alluding to what I wanted for the drink but I’ve kept at it and I think I finally have a final recipe available for you to create that would be handy especially for those Canadians out there, like myself, who don’t have the same beverages available for this.

Nuka Cola Quantum, for those who stumble upon this and aren’t gamers, is a soft drink found within the Fallout franchise of video games, which offers the best healing boost you can get early on in most of the games but also gives you a bit of radiation poisoning as well. Most recipes I see posted online is concerned more with the aesthetic look of a glowing light blue/purple drink than really trying to recreate the drink as it would have been enjoyed in-game. In the world of Fallout, it’s described as a fruity soft drink that packs a punch. I tried to reflect the fact that it tastes unlike any fruit-based soft drink you’ve ever had while reflecting the fact that it’s extremely light blue and that it will give you a jolt that you would need to stay alert in just about any situation. Before attempting to consume this beverage, please note that this drink is not for the feint of heart and should not be consumed by anyone with any kind of health conditions that would disallow you from being able to consume any of the drinks this is made up of or are pregnant.

In order to get the portions right you would need to make a pitcher so I am considering an average pitcher as a serving size in this case. It serves about 4-5 full glasses.

Nuka Cola Quantum Recipe

  • 1 full can Monster Brand “Ultra Blue” Energy Drink
  • 1 cups of Gatorade Brand “Gatorade Frost: Icy Charge” Thirst Quencher Drink
  • 2 cups of Mountain Dew Brand “Voltage” Soft Drink

Stir thoroughly and serve within 24 hours of making unless placed within a sealed container as the carbonation will fade with time. 

Enjoy in moderation, please, even if you feel you can handle this drink, just like you should any energy drink.



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