[ Beverage Recipe ] Nuka Cola Cherry

Edit: Edited to make the recipe non-alcoholic as Nuka World introduced Nuka Cola Dark which is a canon alcoholic version of the drink. I decided to edit it to make it more flush with the in-game universe.

This is one I decided entirely on a whim while I was making the previously posted recipe for Nuka Cola Quantum and it actually turned out quite good considering all the trial I went through for the Quantum version of the drink. I guess not having to focus so much on the image of the drink really opens things up, allowing me to focus more on flavors and concepts.

For those who somehow ended up here and aren’t familiar with Nuka Cola or Nuka Cola Cherry, the drink is featured in the Fallout franchise of video games as a healing item and its pervasiveness in the franchise’s world is the reason for the currency based on Nuka Cola caps. It’s a pretty big deal in the franchise and since I’m such a fan – along with tons of other people – I figure I would follow up my recent recipe with another, for Nuka Cola Cherry. I’m the creative type so making just a cherry flavored soda pop wasn’t going to cut it – in the game franchise, the drink boasts a decent health boost as well as adding a little radiation poisoning as well, so it was going without saying that it had to be more than just your usual cherry flavored drink without forgetting what that’s about.

Nuka Cola Cherry Recipe

  • Two cans of Coca-Cola Brand “Coca-Cola Cherry” Soft Drink
  • Two cans of Monster Brand “Ultra Black” Energy Drink

This recipe should make up to 6-7 regular sized glasses and should be stirred thoroughly before serving and should be served within 24 hours if not kept within a sealed container.



2 thoughts on “[ Beverage Recipe ] Nuka Cola Cherry

  1. You are…THE MAN! Ever since the day I picked up my first Nuka Cherry in Fallout 4, I’ve been dying to find out what it taste like. Love it!


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