[ Dish Review ] AppleBee’s Fiesta Quesadilla Combo


Location:  2250 Division Road, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N8W 3T4

Contact Information: (519) 974-1122

dscn1263 (1).jpg

I should note that this picture isn’t my exact presentation of the dish I had but it was about as similar as I could find on Google Images. Not many people talking about this one, which is a shame.

Today is a day off so usually that means me and the wifey get to go out and actually eat something decent before she has to work and today we decided to squeeze in a trip at Applebee’s as they have a menu – at least at that location, as I’m not sure if they have it across the entire franchise because finding information on it afterwards was a pain in the ass – that is offered between 2PM and 5PM and offers about eight or nine different dishes, one of which was this Fiesta Quesadilla Combo thing. I was craving something different, as is often the case, and Daisy got the 7oz Sirloin Steak.

What I got was a feast for both the eyes and the mouth: there was about seven even-sized quesadilla slices with a kind of homemade salsa and cheddar cheese while the salad that came with it had iceberg lettuce, crispy tortilla slices, grilled chicken, black beans, diced tomatoes, corn, and this jalapeno dressing that really stole the show. The quesadillas were fairly seasoned but they were kind of bland: they were mostly cheese and tomatoes and not much of anything else. Given, it still hit the spot because I’m one of those guys that you could put a pound of melted cheese on a piece of toast and I’d be happy. The grilled chicken on the salad was perfectly grilled and the jalapeno dressing on the salad was absolutely dynamite: there wasn’t too much or too little of it and it was subtle enough to not call it overwhelming but still have enough bite to call it spicy and it had tons of other flavors to cut right through that spiciness. That salad – and this is something you will almost never hear from me – was mind-blowing. For the 11$ they charged, I got more than enough, portion-wise, to justify the price. It was pretty incredible.

While I’m spending a lot of time singing praises, there are a few complaints: the quesadillas were extremely bland and while I did enjoy them, that’s no excuse to have not taken a few seconds more and add something to it that would make them stand out. I know it’d probably add to the price tag but I would have paid an extra buck or so to have added chicken to the quesdaillas, as well. Also, the salsa that they gave on the side tasted like a terrible amalgamation of Tostitos branded salsa and freshly made garden salsa, something that doesn’t sit well with me: there was one flavor that stood out to me and I just could not do it. It was meant for the quesadillas and I just couldn’t do it after trying it the once. I can’t quite pick out what it was but whatever it was, it just muddied things and took away from everything else and I just couldn’t take it.

For 11$, you get a lot of bang for your buck, in spite of the awful job the restaurant did in describing the item in the menu. I was just looking for something comforting and light and didn’t know what to expect. If it wasn’t for our waiter I probably wouldn’t have got it at all but I’m glad he sold me on it.


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