[ Restaurant Review ] Real Good Grub

Location:  494 Riverdale Ave, Windsor, ON N8S 4B6.

Contact Information: 519-915-3287/ eat@realgoodgrub.ca

Follow: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Hours: Monday – Tuesday: 4:00pm – 10:00pm, Wednesday – Sunday: 11:00am – Close

Cuisine: American Food, Bar & Grill

In what used to be a fish joint called Menard’s now lies Real Good Grub, a restaurant with some serious heart in its food. Having been here several times prior to opening this blog I figured it was time that this place got some serious recognition now that it seems to have settled into its new digs.

You always notice a difference when you go into these non-franchised kinds of places: you feel more comfortable with spending your money, you feel confident that you’re going to get exactly what you’re expecting, you feel like you’re going to get something you won’t easily forget; whether those things are good or bad are what usually makes or breaks them. As in this place, you can tell this business is ambitious: there is a great emphasis on the customer experience and the quality of their offerings. There are still signs of growing pains but those don’t take away from the usually excellent experience I have here.

The food, though, is the highlight of this place and it should be made aware that this is one of those restaurants that benefits from a very concise and straightforward menu as it allows them to ramp up the quality of what they do offer. Everything tastes very good and while it’s very standard American fare it’s still very good and it finds ways to be unique in small, subtle ways. The general service experience is a mixed bag, sometimes, as there are many who are really good, there is one that me and my wife don’t seem to enjoy our time with, and a couple that seem very positive but seem inexperienced, which is fine. This sometimes creates an inconsistent experience as far as service is concerned and that is a definite area to improve on. You can also see that there’s an emphasis on the fact that they’re bar and grill joint or would like to be anyway as the place is loaded with televisions and the volume is often cranked. While that’s awesome for a hockey fan like myself, my wife sure can’t be the only one who it isn’t the greatest for. Take out experiences are pretty standard, really, though there have been times where there seemed to be a little tip guilt being pushed on us, which isn’t exactly appreciated when all the server had to do was take payment with a smile on their face.

Generally speaking, though, the experience at Real Good Grub is awesome but it’s still growing and feeling like it’s finding its niche because the experiences can be inconsistent at times.

The Final Verdict:

The Taste: Of all the dishes I’ve tried from this place, I’ve had nothing that tasted bad or even bland. The food is the best thing about this place, which is a good thing for a place with the name that this one has. There’s the odd time where the food is mind blowing and that’s not very consistent but I can always expect great tasting food here. Recipes seem to be changing and hopefully they keep up the good work.

The Presentation: Presentation and plating is fairly standard. Nothing terribly special but you can’t expect a ton on this kind of angle from a place with a bar and grill kind of feel. You don’t spend too much time just staring at your plate, you just want to eat, chat, and enjoy others’ company.

The Service: Like I’d mentioned before, it seems like kind of a mixed bag. I’m not a fan of throwing anyone specific under the bus but we’ve had a most good experience with service with the odd day of me and/or my wife coming in and scratching our heads because something really odd happened or we were treated strangely.

The Venue: Things are always changing – not in huge ways but in subtle enough ways to make every time I go in feel like something new and fresh is always happening here. Again, not too different from the usual bar and grill experience but it makes no qualms in that when you walk in the door and, all things considered, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Cost: You get exactly what you paid for. Some items feel a tad pricey but most of the usual staples are very fairly priced and I have felt that everything I usually get from this place has a friendly price attached.

The Experience: What you see is what you get. If you come in not really feeling the sports bar and grill feeling, you may not enjoy yourself. If you don’t mind that or that’s your bag, you’ll really like it, most times. If you come in during a time when they’re not that busy, you’re likely to be treated to a relatively calm and positive experience no matter what kind of diner you are.

Suggestions: Service has to be loads more consistent, first of all, all around. I also think that once the menu has been mastered I think there could be room for a few more options, as well.

The Final Grade: B- ; while the food take center stage and steals the show it seems very clear to me that that’s where the focus has been from the moment I step into the door. Even when the experience is very good, it doesn’t feel very personal and I suppose that comes with the atmosphere of a place like this. Not sure if expecting that is a bit much but it was something that somewhat bugged me.



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