[ Beverage Recipe ] Nuka Cola Full Line

I’ve been wanting to go through this since Nuka World came out for Fallout 4 but I feel I should probably rewind a little: Nuka Cola is to the Fallout franchise of video games as Coca-Cola is to us in real life. You may have noticed that I’ve posted recipes for Nuka Cola Quantum and Nuka Cola Cherry in […]

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[ Restaurant Review ] Midnight Special

Location:  318 Pelisser Street, Windsor, ON Contact Information: 519-817-6871/ rob.preteroti@gmail.com Follow:  Facebook / Twitter Hours: Friday & Saturday: 11PM-3AM Cuisine: Tacos Hiding out within Terra Cotta Pizzeria during the later hours of Friday and Saturday nights, Midnight Special is an extremely focused setup that you don’t see very often in Windsor: they offer a small selection at very select times […]

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[ Beverage Recipe ] Nuka Cola Cherry

Edit: Edited to make the recipe non-alcoholic as Nuka World introduced Nuka Cola Dark which is a canon alcoholic version of the drink. I decided to edit it to make it more flush with the in-game universe. This is one I decided entirely on a whim while I was making the previously posted recipe for Nuka […]

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[ Beverage Recipe ] Nuka Cola Quantum

I’ve been at it for a while and I had posted general recipes – like the image I posted to Twitter as seen at the bottom of this post –  alluding to what I wanted for the drink but I’ve kept at it and I think I finally have a final recipe available for you to […]

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[ Starbucks Recipe ] Raspberry Black Tea

I was in Starbucks tonight and since the weather here has been this weird in-between spring and winter kind of cold, with a lot of humidity, I was hard pressed to decide on what kind of drink I wanted: hot or cold. I finally settled on a hot drink and I found myself in a […]

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[ Starbucks Recipe ] Raspberry Black Iced Tea Lemonade

Starting something new has always kind of been my thing – searching for the new and imaginative and, where there wasn’t something like that, I would search for ways to create – and since I’m one of the guys who just doesn’t get Starbucks and why everyone loves what they have to offer so much, I […]

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[ Dish Review ] AppleBee’s Fiesta Quesadilla Combo

Location:  2250 Division Road, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N8W 3T4 Contact Information: (519) 974-1122 I should note that this picture isn’t my exact presentation of the dish I had but it was about as similar as I could find on Google Images. Not many people talking about this one, which is a shame. Today is a day off […]

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